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Who is Yağız Gürbüz?

Hello, I'm Yagiz Gurbuz. 😊 Bachelor of Business Engineering and I also have a Full Stack Developer Certificate. (Bilge Adam Technology). I also have expertise in Digital Marketing and CRM. I Help Your Brand Create Value With My 360° Digital Marketing and Web Development Services.

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Services That Will Lead You to Success

360° Digital Marketing

By offering Web Site Design, Google Ads, SEO, Social Media and CRM Services, I Plan The Journey Of Your Leads From Top To End By Planning The Journey Until You Become A Customer.

Web Design

High-Performance Web Development Service with Maximum User Experience According to the Needs of Your Brand and Target Audience. Integrate With The CRM System You Use From Top To End.

Google Ads

I Ensure You Get Maximum Benefit by Reaching Your Target Audience with the Most Appropriate and Optimized Budget. I Help You Grow Your Business by Increasing the Number of Leads.

Social Media

I Increase Your Interaction Rate by Establishing Permanent Connections with Your Target Audience on Social Media Platforms. I Increase Your Lead Number With Social Media Ads. I Make You Empowered With Analysis.


I Produce Optimizations and Content to Increase Your Website's Traffic Thanks to Organic Traffic and Searches. Thanks to Organic Traffic, It Enables Us To Interact With The Target Audience.


I am developing systems that you can follow from end to end, which lead came from which advertising channel, website or URL, and how much sales were made. I Strengthen Your Sales Force with Automation and Integrations.

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